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Thinkation an initiative that started just like a seed planted in the heart of one man is gradually becoming a phenomenon sweeping through the whole of Africa and beyond. The initiative which started in 2018 was birthed by Dr. Ubong Thompson King.

Thinkation was held on the 27th of January, 2024 at the Ballroom, Oriental Hotel, 3 Lekki Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Thinkation which is a poetic combination of two words, ‘Thinking and Education’, is an initiative that is promoting the importance of infusing critical thinking to education in order to acquire problem-solving skills that will be channeled to solving our economic problems and lifting many young people out of poverty.

Presentation from top notch speakers, leaders, educational sectors, coaches, enterpreneurs and industry experts.

Some of the keynote speakers present are;
* Amb. Dr. Unyime Ivy King
Ubong King Foundation

* Dr. Ugochukwu Omeogu
Chief Visionary Officer
Merignos Consulting and monitoring Limited

* Ini Abimbola
Lead Consultant C.E.O
Thistle Praxis Consulting

* Dr. Nevers Mumba
FMR. Vice President of Zambia

* Tanwa Ashiru
Chief Executive Officer
Bulwark Intelligence Solution

* Ifeanyi Oputa
Chief Executive Officer

*Dr. Akin Akinpelu
CEO of Akin Akinpelu Learning & Development(AAL&D) and Official member, Forbes Coaches Council

There was a Cubs (teenagers) and Executive Panels, and a host of other dignitaries were present at the occasion.

Efe Yahaya-Shuaibu, the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Efe Best Chinese Training Co. Ltd / Efe Best Chinese Training School (EBCTS) was a special guest at the event and he spoke to the audience about his platform and its benefits.

Efe Best Chinese Training School (EBCTS) students also gave a memorable demonstration on the podium on their achievements in learning the Chinese mandarin language and the Chinese culture, this touching words and demonstration ignited the heart of so many guests towards learning Chinese mandarin language as the atmosphere was filled with calmness and laughter. After a tremendous moment with the EBCTS Student, Efe Yahaya-Shuaibu, C.E.O and Chairman of EBCTS Switched -On audience deep deposits with his captivating speech, emphasizing the benefits/insights of learning Chinese mandarin language, its global impact, the impact to Nigeria and Africa at large.

Efe Yahaya-Shuaibu said in his speech that Africa needs to keep an eye on the potential of Chinese language learning and what value it can bring to the current economic situation of the Africa. Learning to speak and understand Chinese language gives result to the enhancement of foreign investment which could result to global connectivity, improve job creation, socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.

Learning to speak the language of the world fastest economy country (China) provide an excellent opportunity for the inhabitants of our country Nigeria and the rest of the African countries to develop stronger knowledge of the Chinese mandarin language and procedures that will create genuine global opportunities for the long term development of this growing and increasingly transcending economy.

Speaking Chinese Language and learning their culture will provide you with practical insight into;

* Insight on the significant developments of China and how we can apply it to the infrastructure of Africa.

* Insight on how Africa can demonstrate the flexibility of our financial market during the recent financial crises.

* Insight on how Nigeria can Link her financial industry with the Chinese international financial market.

* Insight on how we can share the best practices of China science and technology with Africa tech world.

* Insight on how the international institutions optimized their performance and managing to tide over the current world melt down and economic situation.

* Insight on how the Chinese assessed innovation in their financial markets through the growth of their research based products and institute.

* Insight on China latest development and future trends within their financial service industry and technology.

He ended his speech by expressing his gratitude to stand before great minds of the African society and intelligent thinkers of the future generation of the world. also, relating his greater thanks to the Chinese Consul General Her Excellency Yan Yuqing for the support towards the Efe Best Chinese Training School before, during and after the First Year Anniversary of the Chinese School and he also express gratitude to the Convener of Ubong King Foundation Amb. Dr. Unyime Ivy King and Board of Directors of the Ubong King Foundation for the opportunity to be part of Thinkation2024.