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About EBCTS Intermediate Chinese Course

Our Intermediate course is designed for students who have a basic understanding of Chinese and are ready to take their language skills to the next level. The course builds on fundamental concepts and covers more advanced topics such as syntax, grammar, and idiomatic expressions.


What Will You Learn From The Course

Through our Intermediate course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese language and improve your ability to read, write, speak, and understand Mandarin Chinese. You will learn to use more complex sentence structures and develop your vocabulary to better communicate with native Chinese speakers.


Benefits of Our Training Program

Our Intermediate course offers several benefits that will help you take your Chinese language skills to the next level. You will have access to a more advanced curriculum, experienced instructors, and opportunities to practice your language skills with other intermediate level students. You will also have access to networking opportunities with other Chinese speakers.


Skills That You Will Gain From The Course

Through our Intermediate course, you will gain skills such as improved conversational and written communication, a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and customs, and the ability to read and comprehend more advanced Chinese texts. These skills will be valuable in both personal and professional settings.


Our Method Of Training

Our Intermediate course offers both online and physical class options. The course is designed to be flexible to accommodate the needs of our students. Our experienced instructors provide personalized feedback and guidance to help students improve their language skills.


Who Is This Course Suitable For

Our Intermediate course is ideal for students who have a basic understanding of Chinese and are ready to take their language skills to the next level. This course is suitable for secondary school graduates, students in tertiary institutions, businessmen/women, civil servants & retired civil servants, and those who would love to further their education in China or work within Nigeria, China or any part of the world where service is required in Chinese language.


Our Fee Is Adjustable To Every Income Level


Ready to enrol and have the full money for payment? Make a payment of ₦220,000 for the course and enjoy your course uninterrupted till completion


Don't have the full amount? Pay in instalment for 6 months.1st month: ₦80,000, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th month ₦35,000 each, and finally ₦20,000 for the 6th month

Frequently Asked Questions

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The fee structure depends on the chosen course of study, but it ranges from 40,000 Naira to 80 Naira
We have a standard curriculum from China.
We have 3 terms/semesters/categories (3 months + 6 months + 9 months).
EBCTS school time is 9 am to 5 pm.
Opportunity to travel and further study in China.

Opportunity to work in any reputable company within Nigeria, in China and other countries across the world.

Easy start-up.

Connecting and networking with other Chinese speakers worldwide.
Building a language barrier-free society.
Vocational training.
Cultural & Innovational Research Excursion.
Martial Art.
Chinese comedy.
Beijing Opera
Our teachers' qualifications are Bachelor, Masters and PhD in Chinese International Education, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other languages (TCSOL).
Through EBCTS class and off-class activities, reports, EBCTS survey, our dashboard, data analysis.
Yes, there is. The work of the parents association is to give support to the school management and the students affairs.