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About EBCTS Basic Chinese Course

Our Basic/Beginner’s Course is designed for those who are new to learning Chinese and want to start with the fundamentals of the language. The course is carefully curated to make learning Chinese fun, easy, and interesting. You’ll be introduced to the Chinese language and culture, and learn how to speak, read, and write basic Chinese.


What Will You Learn From The Course

In our Basic/Beginner’s Course, you’ll learn the basics of the Chinese language, including essential vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation. You’ll develop your listening comprehension, oral speaking, comprehensive reading, and writing techniques. Additionally, you’ll be exposed to Chinese culture, including customs, traditions, and history. By the end of the course, you’ll have a strong foundation in the Chinese language and be able to communicate in Chinese confidently.


Benefits of Our Training Program

There are numerous benefits to our Basic/Beginner’s Course. Firstly, you’ll gain access to expert instructors who are passionate about teaching Chinese and have years of experience in the field. Additionally, you’ll receive personalized attention and feedback to help you improve your skills. You’ll also have access to our comprehensive curriculum, which includes both online and offline learning materials. Moreover, you’ll join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for learning Chinese.


Skills That You Will Gain From The Course

Our Basic/Beginner’s Course will help you develop essential skills such as listening comprehension, oral speaking, comprehensive reading, and writing techniques in Chinese. You’ll also develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and cultural understanding skills. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively in Chinese, which will open up numerous career opportunities in various fields, including business, education, tourism, and more.


Our Method Of Training

Our Basic/Beginner’s Course can be carried out through online or physical classes. You’ll have the option to choose the most convenient learning method for yourself. Our online classes are conducted through our virtual platform, where you’ll have access to interactive learning materials, video lectures, and live sessions with your instructors. Our physical classes, on the other hand, are conducted at our learning centers, where you’ll have access to our state-of-the-art facilities.


Who Is This Course For

Our Basic/Beginner’s Course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Chinese, regardless of their age, educational background, or profession. Whether you’re a student, businessperson, or retiree, this course is perfect for you. The course is designed to cater for the needs of beginners, so you don’t need any prior knowledge of the Chinese language to enroll. Our instructors will guide you through the learning process and ensure that you achieve your learning goals.


Our Fee Is Adjustable To Every Income Level


Ready to enrol? Make a full payment of ₦120,000 for the course and enjoy your course uninterrupted till completion


Don't have the full amount? pay in instalment for 3 months. ₦70,000 the first month, ₦30,000 2nd month, and ₦20,000 the third month.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The fee structure depends on the chosen course of study, but it ranges from 40,000 Naira to 80 Naira
We have a standard curriculum from China.
We have 3 terms/semesters/categories (3 months + 6 months + 9 months).
EBCTS school time is 9 am to 5 pm.
Opportunity to travel and further study in China.

Opportunity to work in any reputable company within Nigeria, in China and other countries across the world.

Easy start-up.

Connecting and networking with other Chinese speakers worldwide.
Building a language barrier-free society.
Vocational training.
Cultural & Innovational Research Excursion.
Martial Art.
Chinese comedy.
Beijing Opera
Our teachers' qualifications are Bachelor, Masters and PhD in Chinese International Education, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other languages (TCSOL).
Through EBCTS class and off-class activities, reports, EBCTS survey, our dashboard, data analysis.
Yes, there is. The work of the parents association is to give support to the school management and the students affairs.